Crowdsourcing a Real-World On-Line Query By Humming System

Huq, A., Cartwright, M., Pardo, B. Crowdsourcing a Real-World On-Line Query By Humming System. In Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC), 2010.


Systems able to find a song based on a sung, hummed, or whistled melody are called Query-By-Humming (QBH) systems. Tunebot is an online QBH web service and iPhone app that connects users to the desired recording on or iTunes. Tunebot’s searchable database is composed of thousands of usercontributed melodies. Melodies are collected from user queries, sung contributions and through contributions from on-line play of an associated iPhone Karaoke game: Karaoke Callout. In this paper we describe the architecture and workings of the paired systems, as well as issues involved in building a real-world, working music search engine from user-contributed data.